Seaweed Association Of New Zealand
Seaweed Association Of New Zealand Seaweed Association Of New Zealand

SANZ Committee and Membership

SANZ invites you to join the association if you have a personal/professional interest in the New Zealand seaweed industry and would like to become an active member of a group who aims and objectives align with your own.

Our membership categories are as follows:

  • Professional - includes academic, research, and industry members regardless of being current or retired.
  • Student - includes those that are currently studying full time.
  • Associate - includes non-voting members who wish to support the society.
  • Corporate - includes up to 6 individual members who are part of a business organisation.

Please return the completed membership application form to and the secretary will process your request as soon as possible.

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Executive Committee Members

Jill Bradley (Chairperson/ Caretaker)

Director and co-founder of AgriSea NZ Seaweeds

Jill was a founding member of SANZ. She established Ocean Organics which manufactures NZ seaweed products for home gardeners in the early 1990’s and AgriSea New Zealand in 2004 which manufactures NZ seaweed - based nutrition products for the agriculture, horticulture, viticulture, and apiculture sectors.

Jill recognises that a long-term sustainable seaweed industry can only be built after a robust management plan for the seaweed fishery under the QMS is in place. For over a decade her family funded a research project which examined the environmental effects of wild harvesting seaweed from the marine coastal eco-system. Out of this research comes recommendations for a safe harvest plan on which a seaweed industry can flourish for New Zealand.

Jill Bradley

Dr Ian Miller (Vice Chairperson)

Ex Managing Director of Carina Chemicals Laboratories Ltd.
BSc (hons 1), PhD, FNZIC, FRSC

Another key member of SANZ, Ian worked in the Chemistry Division at DSIR for close to 20 years (1971-78 researcher, 1978-85 Section Head, 1986 Group Leader). He then left to become Managing Director of Carina Chemical Laboratories Ltd. Currently, he does some consulting work and in a semi-retired state, spends time on theoretical work and on writing and self-publishing. Ian is a widower who currently lives in Lower Hutt with Horatio, his Chief Rodent Extermination Officer.

His scientific research has fallen into the following (order unimportant):

  1. Phycocolloid research involving structural aspects of red seaweed polysaccharides, and selected fucans. Various techniques were developed, mainly using 13C NMR, where, provided conformation is constant, the change of signal position due to substitution can be assigned due to assignable small changes of magnetic vector potential through the small diamagnetic effects. New processes have also been developed for making commercially desirable products based on algal phycocolloids, one of which is licensed to Nemidon Ltd, and is the basis of their commercially available skin gels.

  2. Photochemistry and free radical work has covered a range of chemistry and applications, from lignin structure, sunscreens , to the protection of fabrics from photodegradation and the protection and conservation of fabric artefacts.

  3. Work on energy from biomass and wastes commences due to the 1970’s energy crises at DSIR, but progressed to examining pyrolysis of biomass, and then to high pressure liquefaction of biomass to make fuels and chemicals.

  4. Carina Chemical Laboratories Ltd was established primarily to provide scientific research for a joint venture to make pyromellitic acid from durene, on polyimides, and on other potential chemical derivatives. This failed when the government sold Motunui, and the durene was no longer available.

  5. Theory. Chemical Strain theory was developed to explain the unusual reactivity and properties of strained molecules. Planetary formation was proposed to be due to chemical effects in the accretion disk, the details of which are in the ebook “Planetary Formation and Biogenesis”. Finally, an alternative interpretation of quantum mechanics was developed, similar to the pilot wave but with two further additions, and this has been used to provide a much simpler means of calculating the properties of chemical covalent bonds.

Dr Ian Miller

Clare Bradley (Treasurer)

Business Development Manager of AgriSea NZ Seaweeds

Clare has been the Secretary and Treasurer of SANZ from 2006 to 2018. Clare is passionate about the environment and working with community groups. After starting her biology degree at Auckland University Clare took time out to spend 2 years in the remote amazon rainforest working on science expeditions with volunteer groups and local indigenous communities to establish environmental protection and economic development for the community.

Clare is now part of the second generation of family members to run AgriSea. Her role at AgriSea is diverse and she connects to all aspects of the seaweed value chain through their family business. Clare dedicated to helping NZ create a world class, long term sustainable and high value seaweed industry that benefits all New Zealanders.

Clare Bradley

Ashleigh Browne (Secretary)

R&D Manager of AgriSea NZ Seaweeds

Ashleigh developed a passion for the marine environment at an early age. She spent much of her childhood at the beach or the bush, and later chose to pursue a tertiary education in the Biological Sciences. 

Ashleigh’s qualifications include Diploma in Marine Studies at the BOP Polytechnic, and a BSc/ MSc in Biological Sciences at University of Waikato. Her masters research - funded Zespri, Plant Food Research, KVH, and UOW - examined potential bioactive compounds in seaweed for management of the kiwifruit pathogen Psa. She has worked for Regional Council, Crown Research Institutes, and organisations in the bioactives/biostimulant industry.

Ashleigh Browne

Ruth Ordish

Ruth Ordish is a well known environmentalist. She was the driving force behind the GE Free movement in Hauraki district; involved in negotiations with the mining operations in Waihi; and instrumental in  developing the Waihi Walkways. 

Ruth has qualifications in quality assurance systems and implementation, post graduate NFP management, and accounting - with experience in all 3 arenas. She has administrative and processes expertise as well as conservation and environmental stewardship.

Ruth Ordish

Paul Houston

Owner/Operator P&S Seaweed Harvesters

Paul Houston is a descendant of Te-Whanau-A-Apanui iwi, born and raised in Waihau Bay on the East coast of the north island of NZ.

He has 24 years experience in the fishing industry - 8 yrs as a tuna long liner and 16 yrs working and managing a local team of contractors undergoing investigative research studies, creating robust wild harvesting protocols and fabricating equipment to harvest Ecklonia Radiata Seaweed, concomitant with developing his own seaweed business from NZ beach cast seaweeds with his wife Simone Rankin who are equally passionate about contributing to the success and growth of the NZ seaweed industry with the vision and goal to open long term locally owned sustainable employment along the East Coast of NZ.

Paul Houston

Dr Tim Haggitt

Dr Tim Haggitt

General Committee Members

Tane Bradley

General Manager of AgriSea NZ Seaweeds

Tane has been involved with the seaweed industry since the 1990’s, when his families company Ocean Organics first began manufacturing NZ seaweed products for home gardeners.

Tane is now part of the second generation of family members to run AgriSea NZ Seaweeds which specialise in the manufacture of seaweed concentrates to add high value nutrition for soil, plant, animal, and human health. His role at AgriSea is diverse – Tane enjoys the creative side of the business most, which includes marketing and working with designers as a big focus. More recently he has been working on business development, strategy and implementation, new product development and business to business relationships. Tane is looking forward to supporting SANZ and a safe growth of the seaweed industry.

Tane Bradley

Keith Atwood

Director and co-founder of AgriSea NZ Seaweeds

Keith has been involved with seaweed industry since he and his wife Jill (chairperson of SANZ) founded Ocean Organics in 1990’s and AgriSea in 2000’s. Throughout this time he has continued to strongly advocate the reparative role of seaweeds for regenerative agriculture, human health and nutrition, Aotearoa, and the wellbeing of its people.

As a founding SANZ member Keith recognises the most important thing for the industry is to protect New Zealand’s seaweed resource and its marine ecosystem. He believes SANZ has a crucial role in preserving this for future generations to come.

Keith Atwood

Simone Rankin

Owner/Operator P&S Seaweed Harvesters

Simone Rankin is a descendant of Te-Whanau-A-Apanui and Ngati Porou iwi from the East Coast of the north island of NZ. Where she is currently working and developing her own locally owned seaweed business from beach cast seaweeds with her husband Paul Houston.

Simone has a certificate in business management, she has worked in management roles for the last 22 years throughout Australia and NZ in sales and marketing, accounts and co owner of 2 companies. Simone is committed to establishing a long term sustainable seaweed business in Waihau Bay that will benefit and generate more employment opportunities for the people and next generations of Te-Whanau-A-Apanui and Ngati Porou locals.

Simone Rankin

Industry Members

AgriSea NZ Seaweeds

AgriSea NZ Seaweed Ltd is a multi-award winning, NZ family owned and managed company based in Paeroa, Waikato. Brewing high quality products since 1996, AgriSea specialise in the manufacture of seaweed concentrates and bioactive extracts to add high value nutrition for soil, plant, animal and human health. This is provided to both domestic and international horticulture, agriculture, apiculture and viticulture sectors.

AgriSea currently utilise the New Zealand brown seaweed Ecklonia radiata (paddleweed/rimurimu). Sustainability is the core of their business as is the commitment to setting a precedent for a sustainable and prosperous seaweed industry in New Zealand. Jill, Keith, and the family self-funded a decade long research project examining the environmental effect of wild harvest of Ecklonia radiata in the East Coast of New Zealand. SANZ has supported this research since is early beginnings and will use findings to provide information on a safe harvest plan for New Zealand’s seaweed stocks.

AgriSea NZ Seaweeds

P&S Seaweed Harvesters

P&S Seaweed Harvesters are a independent locally owned and operated beach cast seaweed business from Waihau Bay New Zealand.

P&S collect, buy, and supply predominately Ecklonia radiata seaweed a member of the brown kelp family. They also have access to Pterocladia lucida/capillacea and Carpophyllum seaweeds.

P&S pride themselves and their business on supplying sustainable fresh, clean, and top quality beach cast seaweeds. Together with a team of local tangata whenua living along the pristine East Coast waters of the North Island of New Zealand, all seaweed is individually hand selected and supplied in various states.

P&S Seaweed Harvesters

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